Rabbit in the Garden..!!

There was a lawyer. He loves fishing and hunting. It was a clear Saturday and he decided to spend his day fishing and hunting. He drove a long way to reach the forest and a lake was located near the forest. He decided to try his chance in fishing. Unfortunately, he could not catch even a single fish. He decided

Moral Stories

Best Friends Story..!!

Long Ago, in a village lived two friends Raman and Tarun. Raman was from wealthy family where as Tarun was from poor family.Despite their status difference they used to stay with each other all the time and were best friends.As time went by both grew up and got busy with their life. With busy life they didn’t get much time

Moral Stories

The Oak tree and the Reeds

On the bank of a river, there stood a tall and strong oak tree near to some reeds. The oak tree was very proud of its strength and size. He often used to make fun of the weak and slender reeds.   One day, as a wind started blowing, the oak tree, as usual, said mockingly “Oh! Reeds you move

Moral Stories
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The Bundle of Sticks

Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived in a village with his three sons. Although his three sons were hard workers, they quarreled all the time. The old man tried to unite them but failed. Months passed by, and the old man became sick. He asked

Moral Stories